Yin Kun



Yeah, OK, I can see how this might piss off the Chinese bureaucracy, here portrayed as a bunch of dead-eyed drooling babies.

This is one perspective on how the people of China view their leaders, but I recently read that the opposite is much closer to the truth. In international negotiations, particularly for water, food, oil and access to these through the world’s ports, the Chinese are taking the long view and taking advantage of everyone else’s short-sightedness. The U.S. makes decisions based on four year presidential terms, while the Chinese are making (and acting on) plans for the next thousand years. Guess who has the contract for the day-to-day operation of the Panama Canal? Yeah, China, the same guys who run the biggest port in the UK, the largest inland port in the world (in Germany) and run major ports in 21 countries (on very continent).

Maybe Mr. Kun should portray his country’s bureaucrats as a bunch of snickering old codgers drooling over the world’s breadbaskets.