WordPress Comments plugin

I’ve been having terrible trouble with comment spam on Muck and Nettles. You guys probably didn’t see it, but old posts were getting tons of robo-junk comments every day. I turned off comments globally years ago. But old individual posts still retained the ability to receive comments, and spammers were taking advantage of that – to the tune of hundreds of bits of junk to delete daily.

Anyway, I tried a few different things and nothing worked. That is, until I found the plugin called “Disable Comments” by¬†Samir Shah. I had a laugh after firing it up. Not only does it retroactively wipe out old comment settings, it deletes the possibility of your WordPress installation even knowing what a comment is. Not only do you end up with no place for spammers to spam, you have no place to accidently turn comments on even if you wanted to. Duh. Simple and awesome.

Thank you, Mr, Shah!