Under the Dome

“Former celebrity TV anchor Chai Jing quit her job after her baby daughter was born with a lung tumor, and after a year of rigorous investigation, launched this 1 hour 40 minute documentary about China‚Äôs smog.”

According to the BBC, “The authorities in China have removed from websites a popular documentary which highlights the country’s severe pollution problem.”

I flipped it on, curious to see what all the fuss was about. Ten minutes in, I was hooked, and feeling horrified by what the Chinese people are now enduring. But it took only a nano-second to remember that China is our factory floor, and what they do, they do as much for the rest of the world as for themselves. If the cost of production, including wages, weren’t obscenely low, the world would never have let China build the products that fill its store shelves. If you watch this extraordinary film, remember that the squeaky clean aisles of your local Home Depot, Walmart, BestBuy and Gap are lined with products made at the expense of the health and well-being of your distant neighbors.