Tsunami Glassworks



If there is one thing I am consistently “polite” about, it’s ceramics. “Let’s go look in this gallery full of local ceramics!” “How about, no. How about I go across the street and not come back.”

Amateur, even professional ceramics, are often so unrefined in material, technique and style that I can’t bear to look at them. It actually, physically hurts me to be in the same room with them. The practitioners of crude ceramics, welded metal sculpture and the once popular macramé should be all be tied to their creations and pitched into the nearest volcano.

OK, end rant. Which leads me to the antidote. The fine works of Tsunami exemplify the facts that simple doesn’t have to mean crude and that subtle form can have the same power to captivate as complex. Who knows, maybe this is what comes out of the fire after you get rid of the macaroni-vase makers.

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