Trevor Brown



I think I’m going to have to reconcile myself to the fact that chickens can be just as violent and as sweet as humans, sometimes within the same ten minutes. We’ve got a little rooster by the name of Pip who picks on the hens. I haven’t seen it, but my wife tells me it’s a common occurence. He was being a goof and pissing off the boss rooster in his house yesterday, so I got Pip out of there and let him run around the yard for most of the morning and afternoon. The thing is, he didn’t run around. The little guy waited for me near the house all freaking day! He came close and chilled with me when I went to sit on the step. He let me carry him around under my arm when I went to visit the poults. And he followed me, concerned I was going out of his line of sight, wherever I went in the yard. Cute? Gah. For a violent critter, he’s sure a sweet little guy.

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