The Value of Nature

Abumrad: Is there another way to think about the value of nature in a way that’s not economic and therefore shortsighted and all about us, but also not simply about the aesthetics and the beauty because that can be sort of limiting too. Is there another way?

J.B. McKinnon: The best I was able to do in thinking about this was, when it struck me that in a way, all this biological diversity that’s out there, all these wonderful and amazing and alien things that other species can do, is like an extension of our own brains. There’s so much imagination out there that we simply could not come up with on our own, that we can think of it as a pool of imagination and creativity from which we as humans are able to draw.

And when we draw down on that pool of creativity and imagination, we deeply impoverish ourselves. In a sense we are doing harm to our own ability to think. And to dream.