The Death of Bill C-311

The west coast’s Times Colonist had it right when it said, “The Stephen Harper-controlled Senate delivered a brutal blow to climate action — and democracy itself — this week when it killed the Climate Change Accountability Act.”

The NDP private member’s bill to tackle greenhouse gas emissions was squashed in the Senate because it threatened “millions” of Canadian jobs. If you follow the logic, one would have to assume Mr. Harper believes that “millions” of jobs will NOT be lost as a result of climate change. Actually, he is probably right. Those same people will likely be killed from one of the “natural” disasters caused by a warming planet long before they would lose their jobs. Floods, tornadoes, famine, drought, poverty, disease.

Then we have the Monteal Gazette, who stand behind Harper’s Neanderthal clubbing of climate science and Canadian democracy. You have to love the blatant idiocy of these guys. Apparently, “We simply do not know if there is any significant anthropogenic global climate change happening now, or whether it will happen in the foreseeable future, let alone whether or not it might be “dangerous.”” One can only assume that by “we” they are referring to the five drooling dibblies on the editorial board of their pathetic daily.

Way to go, guys. I guess you don’t need a passing grade in science or logic to be a Federal politician or a Montreal journalist.