The Brave Houseboy

The Brave Houseboy - by G.C.McRae - 270

I’m happy to announce that my fourth fairy tale novelette is out today. This one has taken more work than most. I knew twenty years ago that I had a great idea for a story. But it took this long for me to finally eke out a proper telling of it. Here’s the description.

The Brave Houseboy is the tale of a young boy with a tragic past and a hopeless future. He overhears the secret of a great animal horn that sits on a high shelf in his master’s library. With this knowledge, small, frightened and powerless as he is, the houseboy realises that only he can save the kingdom where he lives. As with all the other traditional fairy tales by G.C.McRae, this one is a perfect bedtime story for young and old.