Ted Vasin

I have to say, the best thing invented after the television is the PVR. Not the remote, not flat screens, not HD and certainly not instant replay. Well, actually, the PVR is like instant replay on steroids, viagra and crack. Every day I thank the gods my wife is more of a technophile than I am. If they invented a house-sized TV and she had five bucks, it’d be in her livingroom faster than you could say, “Viewer discretion is advised.”

She’s the one who pushed for our first PVR. And now there is no hope of going back. Well, that’s not entirely true. The next invention we need is on-demand everything, i.e., all meat, no gristle. The PVR record button should become a bookmarking function and we can watch whatever, whenever for an iTunes-like 99 cents ($1.29 with commercials). The industry thinks 3D is the next big thing. Sorry to disappoint, but the next big thing is television executives de-rectuming their heads and figuring out that we will watch more TV when it’s not so annoying.

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