Retro Week: Vangelis, Earth (Sunny Earth, He-O)

Through the Scylla of memory and the Charybdis of certainty sail some really holey ships. I had it mind to do a Retro Week of music a few months ago. But it took everything I had to find two tracks worth posting from my past. Oh, my freaking god, some things did not age well. Yet I was sure they were the best pieces created for a decade on either side. Wow, was I ever wrong.

It took me another two or three hours to come up with four more tracks. Hard, painful hours to find one cherub-cheeked gem in a whole bus-load of wrinkled old farts with nothing interesting to say.

So here’s the first entry for Retro Week on Muck and Nettles. As far as I’m concerned, it has been steadfast and entirely upright against the buffeting winds of time. Sadly, it is nearly alone from that heady era of art rock.