Retro Week: The Perth County Conspiracy, Truth & Fantasy + Don’t You Feel Fine

There haven’t been very many high quality Canadian groups over the past half century. We’ve certainly been deluged with bands aspiring to be the next American rock sensation when rock sensations have been passé for over thirty years. No one has been willing to stick their neck out too far for fear of missing out on that big recording contract.

Thankfully, we have Perth County Conspiracy, a great big Fuck You to corporate rock and Bob Dylan-wannabes. They wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves and have the musical and compositional chops to rival the best folkies of any generation. Yup, you can smell the bud and the patchouli in every note, but back in the day, they made a lot of people, in and out of their commune, very happy with their addictive melodies. Name me one other album where they recite both Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas without losing stride and I’ll eat my monitor. (I need a new one anyway.)