Oliver Wetter



I find it freaky how much music is out there that I will never hear. Not that I am some kind of pre-judging snob who refuses to listen to vast swaths of other’s creations based entirely on reputation or genre. Well, yeah, I am. But whatever. I’m not talking about crap. I’m talking about the zillion awesome pieces and interpretations of classical music that are sitting on library shelves all over the world. I’m talking about the iTunes and SoundCloud and indie label worlds of sonic bliss that I will never know about. For that matter, music is just kind of the tip of the iceberg of creative acts that will forever remain in the murk of nothingness for me. OK, I gotta calm down. Riffing on the existential black holes of all the art I will never know should not be done before breakfast. God knows, it might cause me to create something other than saliva. Hey, I gotta reputation to uphold.

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