No Music for a Month!

This guy is serious.

“Too much of any one thing is unsound.” —Walter Annenberg

Music is too easily accessible today. With all the torrent sites popping up on the web, there is an endless supply of music available. You can pretty much find (and request) any album by any artist and download them faster than you can listen to them.

For a long while now, I’ve been keeping up daily with all the latest torrents available. It is quite time consuming to go through pages and pages of artists, download the ones I like, and also try out new artists from album reviews and friends’ recommendations. Some of the stuff I end up downloading I only listen to once or don’t even end up getting through the entire album at all. Sometimes I just feel as if I’m downloading for the sake of downloading; so I see all these torrents as my daily “fix”.

Music has consumed me.

I think going one month without music will be good for my mind. It should be a much needed break. Maybe I can cure all my Earworms as well. And once I start listening again in a month, I hope to be more selective with my downloading.

I sympathize. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, spilled pasta sauce on it. My own experience of music saturation lasted about two days. Dude, really. A month? Calm down.