‘Net Radio

I’ve been listening to a lot of internet radio lately. My usual habit was to listen to my own music library. The trouble with that is, it’s so good it’s distracting. I find myself either bopping along with it or wanting to finish every song before running off to meetings out of respect for the work. Sucks. So, anyway, to avoid that whole issue, I got stuck on “SomaFM: Space Station” a few months ago and just never left. Every other ambient station seemed to veer too much into wanker jazz or barf-on-your-yoga-pants meditation noise.

Anyway, I got tired of the 200 pieces of music in rotation at Soma and started to check out other stations. So far, the only one I’ve found without commercials, signal dropouts, jerking saxophonists or LuLuLemon corporate stock is “DI-PsyChill”. It’s in iTunes radio under Ambient. Thank you DI, whoever you are, for some music with hairy testicles! You’ve made my week.