Muck and Nettles Update

It’s been quite a few years since Muck and Nettles got a makeover. My only obstacle was simply time to work on it. But I had a bit of break after the six months of work on my fairy tales wrapped up. So… Ta-Daaaa!

The new format is based on the Tonal WordPress theme. I was quite willing to pay for a “premium” theme and hunted for many long hours, poking and testing, only to realise they were all overkill. All I wanted was a device-agnostic theme that was as minimal as possible without looking like html from the ’90s.

I’m a bit of an obsessive, so I ended up editing the source files six ways from Sunday. (For those of you who know WordPress, I couldn’t do what I wanted using a child theme, so the php and css were heavily modified for the results you see.)

As much I liked the old header image, it was time for it to go. In its place will be images that I’ll update on a regular basis, keeping the header text the same. The current image is
“Snowy Landscape at Dusk”, painted in 1890 by the American artist, Charles Warren Eaton (1857-1937).

In addition to the overall style, I’ve ditched a couple of categories, Video and Gardening. With the exception of only 12 videos, every other YouTube or Vimeo posting was in another category, like Music or Dance. Those 12 are now relegated to Misc, as are the few Gardening posts.

I hope you like the new style. It should look a whole lot better on phones and tablets now.