Michael McGillis



A chicken jumped into the shower with me today. Damn thing is in the house because she’s shedding and getting picked on, so we had her in the tub for the last few days, poor thing. Her shedding has made her look like a hen version of Bill the Cat. Before my shower I lifted her out, gave her her food and water, so she wasn’t lacking for anything. Half way through my shower, she jumps up on the tub, peeks around the corner of the curtain and jumps in. Water on her didn’t seem to faze her. She hung out, preening herself quite calmly. I opened the curtain for her to jump out again, but, nope, no thanks, she wasn’t interested. Finally, toward the end of my rinse cycle, I opened the curtain again and she thought she’d trot back onto the lino. What a goofy thing! But very cute.

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