Mia Mäkilä



A couple of days ago I moved all the crap out of my office, laid a subfloor and then laminate. Killed my back doing it, but whatever. I feel like a new man in a new house. The trouble though is that I can’t bear to move all my old crap back in. It’s so clean and uncluttered! Plus, it smells like freshly sawn wood. (Wood. He-he.)

So I have a choice. Box up my old unused junk and pretend I’m actually a careful, organised human being. Or just wing it all back in willy-nilly (what an emasculating expression that is) and face the fact that I’m a slob at heart and have better things to do. I figure I have a couple of days before my back improves enough to move things. In the meantime I can revel in sweet-smelling clutterlessness for a small while longer.

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