Last spuds

I am proud to say I will be eating our last fresh spuds and carrots from 2009 today. How great is that? It’s July 2nd, and having given up buying bread, we’ve had our glorious Yukon Gold taters for lunch five times a week for the last nine months. If it weren’t for our big disaster mid-winter – where we lost over half our crop – we’d be eating them till this year’s came out of the ground.

I gotta say, I’ve often wondered how eco-friendly our country garden is when we have to drive out there every week during the summer to plant, weed, water and harvest. But comparing that to how much eco-friendly, locavorish benefit we get compared to people who eat bread (with all their vehicle travel and the producers’ not-so-ecologically sound practices) I’m feeling pretty good about the CO2 emissions of my gardening labour and our concomitant lifestyle.

So cheers to me and my tater patch. Even when I half failed, I totally succeeded. Nine months of meals is pretty awesome. I’m now working on the other three months.