La La La Human Steps

Best choreographer and best dance troupe ever. I first saw them in 1987 doing New Demons (with the insanely great Louise Lecavalier) and pretty much lost my mind over them. I had the giant poster of the show on my livingroom wall for twenty years. The last show I saw was Salt in the late ’90s. It was then I met Édouard Lock, the choreographer and had a chance to tell him how much his work meant me. Anyway, here’s an awesome 25 minute vid of their piece Amelia.

By the way, I just found out that Louise Lecavalier received the Order of Canada on April 7 this year. “Louise Lecavalier, O.C. For her legendary contribution to the development of contemporary dance as an internationally renowned dancer.”

Aahh, there is justice in the world.