Kelli Vance



The maremmas have turned into these ridiculously deferential beasts that do not hesitate to threaten to tear body parts off of people outside their tribe. Whenever I approach them, they roll over expecting their pats. They are true chickenshits when it comes to being told what to do. They either run for cover because they can’t handle the 1% of sternness in your voice, or cower like beaten things if you look at them askance. But when it comes to others, yikes. We’ve had to enclose their area with an electric fence. Otherwise, they lumber over the pagewire like grizzly bears and romp around yelling at the neighbors just for being within eyeshot of them. Great guard dogs, and now the sweetest of housepets. But Yoda help the goof who stumbles into our yard looking for trouble. They’ll be lucky to leave with enough nutsack to hold a brief conversation.

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