Jeremy Mayer



At least one person is getting good use out of old typewriters.

You could probably sell me a lifetime membership to the QWERTY-hater club. Yes, I’ve tried to learn to type like a normal person. I’m actually getting not bad at it. But it doesn’t stop me from hating the format. Did no one actually do any studies on letter frequency in the language? Or on relative finger speed and strength? WTF? Why would you put E, the most frequently used letter (12.7%) in some ergonomically retarded place like up and to the left of your left middle finger? Duh. Left, people. Left, when most people are right handed (~90%). Or T, the next most used letter (9%) again with a leftie reach. So, on behalf of QWERTY-haters worldwide, I would like to offer the inventor of the QWERTY keyboard, Christopher Latham Sholes, a postumous punch in the head. Right above the left eye with a big pimp ring on my middle finger. Oh, and while we’re at it, a chronic (eternal) double case of agonizing repetitive strain injury in whatever firey hell the god of typists has condemned you to forever.

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