Jeremy Enecio



I spent waaay too much time watching freaky apocalyptic videos yesterday. Some of the ones on the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy were credible to me merely because the creators knew so much more about the subject than I can every hope to learn. Still, their strident tone and my really healthy sceptic’s gland kept me from posting them. I came away from the rattling experience with two conclusions. 1. The U.S. and world economies are much more messed up than the average person knows and the powers that be are surely having heart attacks trying to maintain the status quo. 2. There is a heap of genius loons out there with web cams and Ph.Ds. They’re are so determined and have so many scary stats at their fingertips it’s a miracle they haven’t brought the world to an end by the sheer power of their giant brains.

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