Ian Webb



Dang chickens. We were feeling our infrastructure was a bit lacking yesterday, so we went out and bought the uber wire and the uber posts to expand their little home. Well, we ended up using the whole 50 foot roll of wire in one stretch across our back yard and made them a freaking cricket pitch. I even hauled five or six railroad ties up a hill and laid them along the length of it to stop the maremmas from even considering digging under the new fence. As soon as we were done, we came inside to eat, rest and watch a bit of the tube. After half an hour, I went out to check on the chickens. And where were they? Though their wings were clipped, they’d all managed to climb the fence and find a comfy spot high in a tree well outside their new run. And there they spent the night. We were completely amused. It was like buying a kid a new toy and them liking the box better. The joke was on us.

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