Hype for Haiti

I was a bit disturbed to see another disaster pounced on by the glitterati as an excuse to show their faces on national television. Amidst images of suffering Haitians these Richie Richs are asking us normal Joes to help. Umm…. How much money do they expect to raise, exactly from Joe normal? Did they ever consider that those with full pockets perhaps have some of the money that used to or perhaps should belong to the Haitians?

Here’s an idea. Why don’t you guys with the full pockets fork out for the Haitians and shut the fuck up?

Here’s a quick list of the net worth of some of the big acts on the boob tube tonight.

$50 million – Wyclef Jean

$100 million – Bruce Springsteen

$20 million – Taylor Swift

$35 million – Alicia Keys

$450 million – Coldplay

$50 million – Justin Timberlake

$60 million – Christina Aguilera

$60 million – Shakira

$160 million – Sting

$160 million – George Clooney

$150 million (2005) – U2