Hydroponic update

The second crop has been planted


Ambitious romaine lettuce

I planted my second crop this last Friday – that’s four days ago – and already I have one inch high plants. How the heck does that work? Is this some kind of super fertilizer-coated genetic mutant seed, or what?

This time around, I planted six pots of romaine lettuce and ten pots of spinach. It seems that about five times a week we have a spinach salad at dinner, so why not grow what we use. I consider the leaf lettuce thing a failure. It was just too limp to be worth eating. So if butter lettuce turned out like damp toilet paper, the tougher romaine should turn out as tender as butter lettuce.

I ended up keeping the cinnamon basil from the last crop. It’ still producing just fine and with the latest pruning, it could turn into quite the little bush.