Hydroponic Garden – Four Weeks In

Butter Lettuce (right, front)


Leaf Lettuce (middle)

Every day I go into check on my little garden I have two reactions – almost simultaneously. “Wow, look how much things have grown in 12 hours!” And, “What? Still can’t eat anything yet. Hurry up!” But really, I have nothing to complain about. My little garden is doing extremely well. Today it’s time for the second nutrient change.

The only thing I’ve done to help things along is fire up a small fan to keep the air circulating. When a couple of the butter lettuces seemed all floppy, I tried googling “hydroponics” “using a fan for stem strength”. Not surprisinglyu, I got a ton of pot growing pages. But I did find out that it worked – if I didn’t mind the plants spending some of their growing energy on stems instead of leaves. So now, the fan stays on the full sixteen hours that the lights are on each day.