Heavy Pet Peeve

How do you tell a crappy TV or movie script from sixty miles away? Our hero, in a struggle with his or her boss, uses the phrase, “with all due respect”.

Overused much? Are all screenwriters fucking retarded?

Does ALL of the respect given by henchman to boss need to be handed over?

Is respect something that is ALWAYS due? Like a fucking library book? Can respect be overdue?

The other day I heard the variation, “with respect”, but even then it seemed like the actor was screwing up the line rather than delivering it with the conviction of a practiced non-clichér.

Once, just once, I’d like to hear “respectfully”. But from a U.S. or Canadian screenplay, I haven’t yet. And I certainly haven’t heard anything even slightly original to convey the same meaning.

Gag me with a spoon, Mrs. Butterworth, but somebody’s gotta take a stand on these earth-shattering issues.