Grey Cup #97

I watch maybe three games of football a year. And of the last dozen games I’ve seen, this was the most spectacular. At the half I couldn’t imagine Montreal coming back from the whipping Saskatchewan was dealing them. And yet they did. With five seconds left on the clock.
– Saskatchewan must be kicking themselves around the block today.
– The kicker for Montreal, who I was thinking should be fired half way through for flubbing two kicks – one only 24 yards, the other a screamingly embarrassing 7 yards – , won everything.
– At five seconds left, that same flub kicker flubbed it again and lost the game for them. And then it was announced that Saskatchewan had too many men on the field and the flubber got to rekick, and this time won the game for Montreal.

Are you freaking kidding me?

All I gotta say is, wow. That wasn’t a game. It was a Dashiell Hammett novel.