George Boorujy

George Boorujy was born to a family of Catholics in New Jersey. Charmed by his liberal attitudes and facility with numbers, they decided to keep him. He grew up, left home and attended the University of Miami in order to pursue a career as a marine biologist. Appropriately, in 1996 he received a BFA degree in painting. From there he headed to Alaska where his knowledge of fish served him well in gutting thousands of them. He hitch-hiked around, worked as a carpenter and eventually ended up in Northern California employed as a potter. As the years and the clay passed through his hands, George thought about what else he would like to do with his life. Grad school seemed like a pretty good option. So he packed his bags and, aided by a profitable stop in Vegas, crossed the deserts, mountains and lonesome plains of the continent to be embraced by the welcoming arms of New York. Which, thank God, is not far from New Jersey.

The bottom pic is of Chira-Mante-Kamui, the head of the mountain gods in the mythology of the Ainu, who come from the north and central islands of Japan.

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