Gary Gripp, On the Acceptance of Near-Term Extinction

“… how do we characterize the opposing sides? Is it man against Nature? Is it man against himself? Or is the human just a hapless pawn in a chess game run by forces much larger than himself? I’ve seen our climate catastrophe framed in all these ways, and I find a grain of truth in each, but no whole, clear picture emerges from any of these frames. Borrowing from each of these perspectives, I would say that what we are really looking at here is: humans, under the spell of the culture of civilization, pitted against Nature, the Earth, and the Community of Life. Within this framing, it is not Homo sapiens, as a species, who is contending with Gaia, Natural Law, and all the other species, but only those humans under the influence of civilization.”

I was reluctant to read this at first, fearing it was going to be another jerk of disaster porn. But the man’s response to the whole concept of Near-Term Extinction turns out to be very level-headed and thoughtful. Check it out. It’s well worth a read.