Garden Update

I haven’t posted anything about my garden this year for the simple reason that it sucks. We’ve been living in a biblical deluge for about three months and things have sprouted, but only the onions seem to be unfazed by the vertical tsunami.

Oh, and since we moved in April, I can’t find my stupid stupid camera. Aside from that things are peachy. I’ve done six rows of spuds this year instead of eight. Last year we had around 650lbs of potatoes and ended up drying a ton of them so they didn’t go to waste. If I still had my potato bin, we’d still be eating the last shrivelled taters from last year, and it’s almost mid-July. (I love my potato bin.)

One new thing I’ve done this year is build a small polytunnel. I had big ambitions to take on a 24 x 12 footer, but the late sale of our city house put the kybosh on that. So I settled for a 3 x 16 little thing just for a few greens. The box is built and the hoops installed, but because we haven’t had much sun and because the garden is damn near washed into the next county, I haven’t gotten around to installing the cover.

I did have a failed experiment in basil planting though. (Um, yeah!) I’ve been reading a lot about permaculture and forest gardening this year and thought I’d try planting basil in the wild around our dugout – which is used primarily for the horses. I bought a quarter pound of sweet basil for about $13 and broadcast it around three sides of the dugout. Sadly, not a single plant germinated. On the plus side, because I was going there every few days, I found some wild water mint and weeded around it a bit to give it some room to grow. I tell ya, there’s some kick-ass tabbouleh in my future.