Ekaterina Panikanova



“I bet you women would like to know what men are really thinking. The truth! The honest truth of what men are thinking? Cause I could tell you! Would you like to know?”

[Audience] “Ya!” (cheers and applauds)

“I’ll tell you. (pauses) Nothing. We’re not thinking anything. We’re just walking around, looking around. This is the only natural inclination of men. We just kind of check stuff out. We work cause they force us to, but other than that this is the only thing we really want to do.

“We like women. We want women. But that’s pretty much as far as we’ve thought. That’s why we’re honking car horns, yelling from construction sites, these are the best ideas we’ve had so far. Honking the car horn, amazes me! This has gotta be the last living brain cell in this guys skull that comes up with this idea! I don’t understand – it’s so awful – she’s on the street, he’s in the car “beep beep, brrrrrrr…(drives away). I think I made my point.

“What is she supposed to do, kick off the heels, start running after the car. Grab on to the bumper. The car comes to a stop, ‘It’s a good think you honked! I had no idea how you felt.’” -Jerry Seinfeld

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