This is a really good film for 2004. Sadly it came out in 2014. A decade ago, we were still reeling from the shock that climate change was the dark demon of destruction called forth by our first world industrial lifestyles. During those ten years, the call to action, as in this film, to replace fossil fuels with sustainable sources of energy was our knee-jerk reaction. By now, we should have learned that artificial energy itself is the problem. For their materials and construction, solar panels and wind turbines still require the destruction of some part of the earth. Worse, they are still crutches for an economic model that makes it OK to build superhighways, electric cars for everyone, sprawling cities, mountain-removing ‘sacrifice zones’ and OK to extinguish all other forms of life on earth as long as we can keep our smart phones working. If you look at the seas of solar panels in this film, it should fill you with horror, not hope.