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“I have no way of assuring you that the bleak version of the future outlined by Michael Ruppert in Chris Smith’s “Collapse” is accurate. I can only tell you I have a pretty good built-in B.S. detector, and its needle never bounced off zero while I watched this film. There is controversy over Ruppert, and he has many critics. But one simple fact at the center of his argument is obviously true, and it terrifies me.” -Roger Ebert

I’m 40 minutes into this thing and I can tell you, this man has his facts straight. What amazes me is that he has these figures on the tip of his tongue at all times. I do have a bit of an issue with only one of his conclusions so far, and that is, why would the U.S. invade Iraq just to get oil that they were buying anyway? Wouldn’t an invasion merely up the price of that same oil?

What troubles me with Mr Ruppert’s assuredness and bluntness is that he may come off as a crackpot or conspiracy theorist to anyone who has no prior exposure to any of these subjects. And that would be unfortunate.

Postscript. OK, I’ve just finished watching this. I really did not expect to be moved as I was. I have been acting on this very information for about three years now, and every year a bit more. From setting up a garden and going locavore to giving up our cars and riding public transit. I know what’s coming. And I know that the end of oil is only one facet of the collapse. But wow, this vid is a serious cry from the wilderness. People, do yourself a favour, watch this from beginning to end. Thank you, film makers and thank you Michael C. Ruppert!

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