Censored CTV Forum post

Apparently, my opinions are too racy for CTV’s online forum. After watching "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" the other night, I was impelled to write what I thought was a delicate missive to the network. My post was on the site for about ten minutes before it was summarily ripped from ther site.

So in the spirit of internet democracy, here is my censored post.

Please Fire Leah Miller

Among the shows many great features, it has three faults:

1. Too many judges
2. Inarticulate judges
3. Leah Miller

I can live with the judge problems. At least they care about dancing and the dancers.

But the shrill-voiced Leah Miller cares about neither. She is a shrieking, botoxed "personality" without a shred of knowledge about dance. CTV, you are losing viewers who love dance because of her. You are even losing viewers who want to support Canadian arts and are put off because your show’s face to the world is phony.

I feel bad for the dancers. I feel bad for the parents. I even feel bad for the stage designers and the camera men and the lighting people. All their work is ruined by a host who mocks them with her ego and her ignorance. A host who is not there for dancing, but to shriek and pose.

Please do us a favor, do your show a favor and do Canadian dance a favor and fire Leah Miller.

What’s ironic is that my post was heaved from the Show Personalities section, leaving the thread "I love you Leah Miller" as the top and most obvious post. Laughably, the rest of the thread is rife with dissent, saying how much people hate Leah Miller. So my crime was creating a negative top level thread, not trashing their unspeakably incompetent host.