Arantzazu Martinez



Thank god the lines between art and illustration have blurred forever. All those well-hewn arguments over such lofty distinctions as “intention”, “training versus study” and “commercial versus gallery” are all visiting their proctologists with lodged heads wondering what went wrong.

I’m no art expert, but in my travels I have seen more caca in the service of Art than there are hairs on the palm of a post-structuralist academic. And conversely, there are so many ridiculously talented artists either working for “the man” or incorporating pop culture elements into their work that the cross-overs are doing a firm 69 at each others’ antipodes.

At the end of the day, it’s all great for guys like me, who just love the products of honed human skill and couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about which art history chapter the works fit into. Greatness defies and embarrasses categorization.

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