Antonio Valente Shirt

I got a flier in the mail last week from my haberdasher, Eddie’s Men’s Wear, saying they were having Canadian designers come in to the store each Saturday this month. Well, one of my favs, Antonio Valente, was going to be there today, so my wife and I hied ourselves over there to have a look.

We were shown some seriously cool sport shirts, pants and jackets, each with finely detailed tailoring that pretty much made everything else in the world look like crap. Anyway, long story short, I’m getting a custom shirt made. The master, Mr. Valente measured me himself for it and laid out a panoply of exotic Italian fabrics for my consideration. My god… the metro-dude in me was shining today. Wait till you see this freaking shirt.

Monogrammed turnback French cuffs, turtle shell buttons, four different patterns. I tell you, I’ve never had so much unadulterated joy in a clothing store in my life. This shirt is going to be a work of art. And not because "I picked this and I picked that". Hell no. It’s because every little part of the patterns are lined up perfectly. Everything is hand sewn. These are master friggin tailors making each piece. I tell you, I cannot wait.

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