Alberta Election Platforms Sustainability Issues, 2012

These are the four issues I am basing my vote on. Even though some low-ranking parties might seem to confront the issues better than higher rankers, I am concerned that they might be merely paying eleventh hour lip service. So to me, high search results means a party has been addressing the issue for some time and in some detail.

The first three topics are pretty obvious choices, but the fourth, to me, is just as important to the people of Alberta. We have one of the lowest fossil fuel royalty rates on the planet and we are not saving for a future without oil. (Alberta’s Heritage Trust fund is just over $15 billion, and we have not paid one cent into it since 1987. By contrast, Norway’s fund is around $560 billion and growing. Both funds are based on petroleum royalty revenues.) Does anyone care about what happens thirty years down the road or is this just about the next election cycle? I figure, even if you’re not going to try and fix climate change, the environment or the oil sands, you should probably have five bucks in the bank for the (biblical) rainy days that are coming.

The Results

What surprised me the most was the low ranking of the ruling PC party. Zero mention of climate change? Seriously?

What is even more shameful are those who expect my vote but who rank below the PCs on these important issues. Could you embarass yourselves any more? Oh, wait. With the Wildrose “Wheels on the Bust” campaign, they’re trying.

I was equally surprised by the NDP’s high ranking. Do they have a super-green webmaster, or what? Compared to the rest of the parties, well, there really is no comparison.