Muck and Nettles is my playground. My name is G.C. McRae and as you can tell, I have many loves, the arts being primary among them. You can think of me as some kind of rolicking canine who loves to jump in puddles of music, visual art, books and dance and roll around till I’ve got happy mud up to my ears. I live on a farm in central Alberta, Canada. I write books, mostly kids books, and mostly humorous. Here’s my author website, if you’re interested.

By the way, Muck and Nettles is from the English idiom, muck or nettles, meaning all or nothing.

I hope you enjoy this place as much as I like sharing the things I love.


The header image is from Summer Twilight by Nancy Bush – used with permission.

If you would like to cheer, trash or suggest a link for the site, feel free to contact me at: contactme