1000th Post – Anya Janssen



Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s the 1000th post of Muck and Nettles.

When I fired this engine up in the spring of 2009, I really had no great expectations of reaching a certain goal. This is simply one of the things I do: point and share the artistic works of others, be it music, art, or literature. I’m a bit of a crazed consumer. I read, write, listen to and create music more or less with the same regularity as breathing. And yeah, take me away from it for a while, as has been the case lately with moving house, and I suffer withdrawal. If I ever had an accident that resulted in brain damage, I would probably continue geekily exploring, pointing and sharing on autopilot, drool slowly filling my vinyl pocket protector. Hey, wait a minute, that actually explains a lot.

Anyway, Happy Blogth Day to this little diurinal diversion.

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