Why We Are Not Addressing the Real Problem – Overpopulation

“The world today is beset with a host of major issues — oil depletion, climate change, food shortages, resource wars, species extinction — to name but a few. But these are only symptoms of the one true problem. ‘The Real Problem’ — the one that spawns all others, and the one that mankind must face at some point — is that there are simply too many human beings on this planet.”



Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff

I continue to be astonished at the range of negative effects of herbicides on our bodies generally, and in particular on the greeblies in our guts. In this interview, Dr. Stephanie Seneff directly blames herbicides for all sorts of ailments: gluten intolerence, celiac disease, autism, vitamin D deficiencies. As she says in the interview, it’s no coincidence that the effects of glyphosate herbicide match perfectly the causative factors of all these troubles. The interview gets a bit technical here and there, which may turn some of you off. Personally, though I don’t understand every word of her descriptions, I really want to explore further. To me, this is a mind-blowing interview. I hope you get as much out of it as I did.